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About five months ago I called Natalie as we have been friends a long time. My doctor had just told me that if I didn’t get my diabetes under control I would have to have shots. I don’t want the shots. She told me she could help with that as she had just completed her certification to be a Life and Health Coach. We set up a time to talk when she returned from vacation.

She started teaching me some dietary changes I could make and asked me to get more exercise. I could barely walk across the room with my walker, but she challenged me to go a little further each day. Within 30 days I felt a lot better, my weight was slowly coming down and I was outside walking up and down the sidewalk with my walker.

Next she asked me where I would walk to if I could and I said back to church. Her next challenge to me was to go to church on Sunday. Not only did I do that but now I go three times a week, sing in the choir and participate in missions. I walk with my cane throughout the church and out shopping with my new friends. At my three month visit to the doctor my A1C had decreased from 11 to 7. That’s not normal yet but a tremendous improvement. I have friends over for healthy dinners and have enjoyed social activities and parties.

My life is so different and wonderful now. I know I could not have done this without Natalie.Thank you Natalie for being there to teach and support me along the way.


A big fan of yours