Noticing the Good In Children and Others

I was talking today to a young lady and she mentioned being stressed. When I asked her to name something that stressed her out it was her children and their behavior.  I had her take some time while we were together and write down 7 things she loved about each family member and herself. It took her a while and the hardest was about herself.

After she made her list her action step for the week was to choose one thing from the list each day and tell it to that person. Such as I love your curly hair. I love how you help your sister without me asking you too.

In addition to that look in the mirror and say to yourself “I love ___________” insert one of the things about herself from the list . Which may be I love how expressive my eyes are. I love that I am a good mom. I love that I am helpful and kind to others.

The next week when I saw her again I asked how it went.She said the kids thought she was crazy but they smiled. The liked it. I asked her how doing that affected her.She had not thought about that. She said she felt calmer and noticed good things about her kids she hadn’t noticed before because she was busy correcting them.

Today I challenge you to do the same. Write down 7 things you like or love about each significant person on your life daily  or those you live with.  Be sure to tell it to them in person , by writing notes , text or whatever or maybe shock them and do all 3.

And list 7 things you love about yourself. No negative just the positive.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself that positive thing and then say I LOve you.  yes to yourself in the mirror. Look yourself in the mirror and believe it.

As you go out into the community today notice good things about others and if you can praise them or acknowledge them for it. Is it a helpful clerk? a mother being patient with her child? someone returning buggies in a parking lot? , holding a door open for someone?  What do you see? Notice and acknowledge it.

AT the end of your busy week stop and reflect on how that felt to you and how you think it felt to them. You may have just made someones day a little brighter. Praise yourself for that one too.