When we were kids and disobeyed our parents we may have been grounded. That meant restrictions on our activities. But that’s not the type of grounding I am referring to today.

For a little background information up until the age of 13 I lived in several of the New England states. Then my father passed away and mo decided it was time for a change and to get away from the snow and cold of winter.

She packed up three children under that age of 13 and traveled from Albany, NY to Ft. Myers Beach, Fla. That was in 1955 and if there were interstates then it wasn’t many. It was a long trip.

We traded snow and cold for sandy beaches and warm salt water of the gulf. Weather was always warm and we rarely wore shoes. Sand spurs and hot pavement only served to toughen the soles of our feet. It was a time of peace and serenity. I still find peace in listening to the waves lap upon the shore and walking barefoot in the sand.

The term “grounding” or “earthing” refers to taking off your shoes and walking barefoot on the grass, sand, dirt or plain concrete. It allows you to connect with the Earths natural energy.

I researched the term to learn more and found that this is said to bring healing to our bodies. That is has potent anti-oxident effects, reduces inflammation in the body, helps you sleep better, reduces stress and a host of other benefits.

So maybe walking barefoot at the beach was providing healing not only of the mind and spirit but of the body as well.

So kick off your shoes and go outside barefoot for at least 30 minutes a day. Being outside and taking a break is good for you in many ways.

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I will wave and say good morning to you when I see you barefoot on the beach. Have fun and get grounded today. Your backyard or beach awaits.