Decluttering your life

When someone says decluttering what does that mean to you? Does it mean getting rid of stuff you no longer use to clean up a space. It might be but that is not all. What about decluttering your life?

What clutters your mind?
What clutters your relationships?
What clutters your finances?
what clutters your daily routine and schedule?

Your Mind

When talking about cluttering your mind think about what thoughts dwell the most for you. “I am not good enough, fast enough, pretty enough, smart enough” “I have to follow the rules. I can’t do what I want, I have to be what others want me to be.”
Maybe you need to make an effort to change those thoughts. Look inside. You are good enough, pretty enough, talented enough, loving enough. Tell your self that several times a day. In addition tell yourself every time one of the NOT GOOD ENOUGH thoughts sneak in. Reframe, rephrase and replace them with the good thoughts. You become what you think. Become the best at being YOU and accepting YOU just the way you are not the way you think others want you to be.

Your relationships

And what about your relationships? Are you spending to much time with negative people who seem to be quick to criticize or judge you? Do they really need to be in your life. If yes then could it be better to see them less often or spend less time with them and free yourself up to be with people who have positive attitudes, encourage you, praise you and others and make you feel good, accepted, appreciated and worthy?

And when you look at others reframe your thoughts about them. Find a positive to dwell on about them rather than she/he is fat, ugly, poorly dressed, critical or judgemental. Look for something good in them and dwell on it. In fact its surprising what happens to them and you when you say it out loud. I love your dress! White hair is beautiful on you! What a beautiful smile you have! Your whole face lights up and eyes sparkle when you smile. You made my day!

I have as hint for you if you have children or spend much time with them. It works very well with them too. They repeat a behavior that gets your attention. Notice and say I love how quietly your stood and waited. I love how you helped me without being asked. I love the good manners you used. Have you praised your kids today? Have you told them you Love Them? Have you looked closely and found something good about them to praise? It not only changes their mindset it changes yours too.

What about your spouse. We get caught up in the day to day and forget to acknowledge the good they do and how we feel about them. Stop, take a breath and notice the good in them, what they do for you and with you and what you love about them. Be sure to tell them out loud.

Your finances.

What kind of clutter do you have in your finances, your checkbook, wallet, purse? Wait what? How can my wallet have clutter? Take it out and look closely are there old receipts, shopping lists, expired insurance cards or charge cards you no longer use. Are there some you don’t need to carry. Even the rewards cards stores now issue. Most can be accessed by the store clerk from your email or phone number. Your purse has how much change at the bottom? Receipts ? Notes? paperclips, kids toys, maybe even diapers and wipes for little ones that don’t need them anymore.

check the car for clutter too, under the seats in the glove compartment or cubbies, drink holders.

What do you spend money on. Declutter your finances from late fees, bank charges, unnecessary spending. I once was told people find a way to pay for whats most important to them. I know there are people who barely have enough for rent and utilities. I have been there, but in most cases people chose where the money goes.
Are cigarettes more important than a gym membership, a chiropractor,
dentist or healthier food? Is beer more important than choosing organic vegetables or all natural meats or food without all the preservatives. Do you go to Walmart and fill a buggy with many things you really didn’t need. Could you have saved a few dollars for a weekend trip or stress break or family outing? Do you eat out mostly every day or pick up fast food? Planning meals ahead or preparing some on day off would save money and be healthier than eating food with preservatives or prepared in unhealthy ways or conditions. Using less gas in the car by combining trips or shopping closer to home or on way hoe from work.

Your schedule

What about your schedule? How much time do you spend doing what others want you to do. I am not talking about your boss or work schedule, but the rest of your life. No time for the family, the gym or exercise at home? No time to cook a healthy meal, Why????

Are you doing what others want you to do more than choosing for yourself what you want to do? Maybe its time to say “NO” and clear your schedule or calendar to allow for things you want to do or to meet your goals or enjoy time just to breathe and take in your surroundings. To stop and be in the moment using all your senses. To see, smell taste and hear whats going on in this moment and this place.. Involve your family in enjoying the moments together and making memories. In reality most of us have lost loved ones and memories is all that left. Make more good ones. Material possessions don’t matter. Its the times together, the things they have done with you the knowledge and joy you shared that will be remembered.


No decluttering is not just about getting rid of the excess in your house although that’s part of it. Its about he excesses in your life. It’s taking back your life and making it your own. It’s deciding whats best for you here and now. Its having time to stop and breath and enjoy the moments you have rather than rushing through and not feeling like you accomplished anything and not enjoying each day as it comes. When you do this you receive a sense of freedom and peace.

So declutter your surroundings
So declutter your mind
So declutter your finances
So declutter your schedule

And feel the freedom and joy from less stress.

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