Going for the Gold

I watched the Olympics last night and listened to the stories of the athletes as they overcame injury, illness and obstacles to achieve their goal. I acknowledged that their perseverance, dedication, determination and hard work kept them going. But they didn’t do it alone. Their coaches, friends, families, parents, spouses were by their side encouraging them along.

I have worked with special needs individuals for over thirty years and learned to encourage and support them. I learned to break goals down to achievable steps and to appreciate and praise their efforts and achievements along the way. These same skills apply to all people regardless of ability or the desired goal.

When I help people set goals and work to achieve them sometimes the goals are big and seem insurmountable, but as I was thinking upon them today it brought to mind that its like “eating a tiger”. We take one bite at a time ad keep on doing that. Sometimes we have to spit out the bones, but we are determined to do this. We want to meet our goal and eat the whole tiger; so we keep eating. WE keep chewing.

As we tire we notice we aren’t alone. Others are watching and some marvel at our progress. Some wish they could do so well and some cheer us on. It’s then that we realize we aren’t alone. It’s not just our struggle we now have a team. They aren’t doing it for us. We still have to chew on that tiger and spit out the bones. But we know we aren’t alone and that helps. We now have a team to support us in our endeavor.

One of the people on my team is the coach. A life coach, A health coach whichever is needed at the time. This coach challenges me to follow my dreams. This coach stands beside me cheering me on or prodding me as I need it. I know I will achieve this goal. I know how I will feel then. Coach asked me to visualize achieving that goal and how great and empowered I would feel afterwards. Oh that JOY! I would be hard to find words to express the joy and pride I would feel as I finished that goal.

The Olympic athletes are the same. They visualized achieving a goal and worked to achieve it.

Do you have a big dream?
Do you have a goal that seems insurmountable?
Have you given up and said its not meant to be?

Are you ready to GO FOR THE GOLD in your life? Your dreams are possible, they aren’t insurmountable. The work is not as hard as it was for those athletes and you don’t have to do it alone.

I am a Certified Life and Health coach and I can help you with that. Lets be partners and make your hopes and dreams come true. Lets move past what’s stopping you or holding your back from being the best version of yourself you can be. Lets help you soar to your individual greatness.

Send me an email to granat149@aol.com and title it “Going for the Gold” lets schedule a time we can talk and explore your hopes and dreams. I look forward to hearing from you.

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