As I talk to people I find that their past life experiences affect how they live their lives today. And yes that becomes who we are as a person. Some of it is good and some bad for all of us. What if you experiences abuse, trauma, hatred bullying?
What if that causes you to retreat within your home or yourself to not get hurt again? Do you become somewhat of a hermit?

The reality is the person or people or the situation is still happening. Those people are still abusing, bullying you but in a different way.

What do you do about it. Stop putting yourself anywhere near pleasurable things or relationships to prevent hurt? Don’t go shopping because a shooter might be there? Don’t drive? Don’t date? don’t let others get to know you or get close to you? Don’t leave the house. These are all actions we may take as we think it keeps us safe, but it limits us. Those people or that situation still has a hold on us.They are still controlling us.

We need to break free. We need to date again, get out of the house and let others into our lives. Before we can do that we need to let go of the past. We need to forgive that person. Not because they deserve it, because YOU do. YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE AWESEOME and deserve to fly free and be whom ever you wish to be. Forgiving them in your heart doesn’t mean they were right. It doesn’t mean you have to do it in person. Use that past experience as education, knowing that you don’t allow abuses, bullying or others controlling you in your life but enjoying life for today to the fullest.

Stop letting them control your mind and continuing to judge or belittle you. Be who you are without judgement and allow others to do the same. Regardless of race, appearance, disability or sexual preference, allow yourself and others to be who they are. Look upon them with curiosity and interest not judgement. Saying to ourselves isn’t it interesting or curious that they choose to do that or live that way. Then move on without judgement just to learn from it. We don’t need to ask them for details or ask why as that would be taken as nosy. We are just observing. We can’t control what others do only how we react to their actions or behavior. Let our reaction rule our lives not them.

Forgiving someone who has abused you or hurt you is hard and they don’t deserve it. I say again YOU deserve it. YOU are worthy, YOU are wonderful. Let God help you forgive them for your sake and future. Ask God to help you forgive the past and move on to enjoy your life and serve Him using those experience to help others learn to forgive and move on. Then you and they are FREE. Be FREE and soar into your individual greatness as you enjoy life again.

You are welcome to share this and I hope you will continue to follow my blog. I am a Life and Health coach. If you need help Soaring to your individual greatness, contact me.

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